This is an application to become LiveSore Ambassador and we consider this a very prestigious opportunity and take applicants very seriously. This is just out 7th time opening up our Ambassador Program, the first 6 rounds we had over 9500 applications! LiveSore has quickly become one of the Fastest growing apparel brands within the fitness industry and we want to offer more awesome individuals a way to be part of the excitement while in turn helping continue to spread the word.

Courtney Connolly

When I first met Steve & Celeste at a CrossFit competition my boyfriend was participating in I was awestruck by their friendliness outgoing and their wealth of information. By the end of the competition my boyfriend and I both decided to sign up. That was about 4 months ago. Since then I’ve received nothing but love, support and a second family and help with my fitness journey and my goals to lose weight, accomplish my dreams of placing in a powerlifting competition and being in better health. I couldn’t do it without the constant support, motivation and love that I get from these amazing people & this wonderful brand thank you for begining this Sean Wagner it’s honestly saved my life.
Courtney Connolly

Jason Gutierrez
There are a lot of great things about this club. Discounts are always great, especially when you were going to buy and support the brand anyway! My favorite part is the camaraderie that’s developed across social media. These Ambassadors are equally motivated and encouraging. If it wasn’t for the brand, none of us would have ever met!
Jason Gutierrez

We are looking for Ambassadors who are enthusiastic about their fitness journey, whatever that might be.  We accept all avenues of fitness fanatics no matter if you’re working out in your home gym, a sponsored athlete, a competitive athlete, or someone in between.  Our LiveSore Community is all about acceptance, empowerment, and helping support and encourage those who are trying to better themselves.  We simply ask request that you are excited to represent the LiveSore brand and mentality on a consistent basis. This means wearing the LiveSore apparel and accessories throughout the week, talking up the brand at your gym/box/community spreading the word within any gym/box social media group, and posting/sharing when LiveSore launches new products and info. This program is open to anyone WORLD WIDE!

To be a LiveSore Ambassador you are required to purchase the Ambassador Package which includes 2 shirts (you pick below from the selection given), a swag bag, pair of oly wraps, a keychain, a hat, 4 stickers, 6 bracelets, and coupons to share with friends/fam all for just $75.00 which is $140 in retail value. This shows your commitment to being a LiveSore Ambassador while at the same gets you started with some amazing LiveSore swag and from there you will receive a special Ambassador Discount Code to get 20% off all apparel and accessories on the site.

Andrea Swanson
I’ve struggled with my weight for many of years and after being sick for so long this group has motivated me more then anything to stay on track, keep healthy, and are constantly supportive of everything. They helped me to build confidence in myself and be proud of the body I have. Today I love my body more then I ever did. Being an ambassador helps me achieve more then I could on my own!
Andrea Swanson



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I understand that as a LiveSore Box Rep/Ambassador that I’ll be expected to help represent and promote the brand and agree to the $75 initial rep package purchase as well as an annual renewal fee to retain your 20% discount after year one. I also agree to receive LiveSore news & updates as well as agree to the Terms & Conditions*Privacy Policy*

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