June 02, 2019 3 min read

🔥WOW… I’m beyond excited with this tremendous news coming out of Las Vegas!! It’s with Yup, fellow LiveSore Ambassador Sara Chio has snatched up the hugely lucrative Las Vegas Region to become our Newest LiveSore Regional Partner for LiveSore Vegas! That makes 7 New Regionals & Regional Partners in the past 3 weeks alone!!

It’s always amazing to me to see how things come “full circle”. What I mean by that is how someone originally found LiveSore, became a customer, then that led to them becoming an Ambassador, and now they grabbed their piece of the LiveSore Growth by becoming a Regional Partner and profiting from our program…. To me it just doesn’t get any more awesome than that!

But sometimes it does get a little more better than that, when you have someone come on board with the energy, enthusiasm, and drive that Sara has! Ironically we literally had 2 potential RP phone calls for Vegas the same day and Sara was the second of them, but she didn’t hesitate when the door was still open, matter of fact she kicked it wide open, secure herself as the Vegas Regional Partner, and then went on to take it one step further the follow week…by securing herself as a 10x20’ booth at the prestigious Mr. Olympia Expo in September…. WOW!!

I’m just so thrilled and honored to have this single mother of 2 young elite athletes on board and building the Vegas Empire for herself. Can’t wait to see what kind of “gymnasty” gear she wants to create for her girls gymnastic events as well as her other daughters swimming events…. The sky is the limit and of course with all the “high rollers” in Vegas, we know that Region will become a record breaker in no time!!

2019 is already setting records in retail sales, shirt club, ambassadors, and we’ve only just begun to bring out our new LUXE lines which will set new industry standards as no one can keep up with our fresh, fun, and crazy designs!! Beyond that, 2018 was our major upgrade, rebuild, and revamp year that resulted in our largest RECORD BREAKING retail sales year in our history, and beyond that we saw over 3000 new Ambassadors (over 20,000 applications submitted) as well as over 25,000 new customers… yes, over 25,000 new customers in just 12 months, that surpassed all 4 previous years combined, not mention over 2400 4&5 Star Reviews on the site in the past 12 months and to date, we’ve successfully shipped well over 100,000 deliveries around the World… the growth is just simply incredible!

Please be help congratulate and introduce yourself to Sara especially if you are in Vegas area, she’ll want to get to know as many Ambos, gym owners, and awesome friends that can recommend events & fitness happenings for the Region!
We are thrilled to announce such a major addition to the LiveSore Family and honored to kick off the opening of the 2019 round of Regional Partners & Distributors!

More announcements coming shortly as we’re quickly gearing up for more RP’s and Distributors, Plus working on new distributors in the UK, Indian, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the Middle East, and Mexico!

If you love the Brand, are business minded, and want to capitalize on this phenomenal growth with LiveSore and put some money in your pocket, be sure to check out the Regional Partner Program at www.livesore.net/partners

We never know who will become our next superstar and dominate their Region or even entire Country!!

Thank you all so very much for being part of this incredible movement & helping share the love!

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