August 03, 2018

Relieve hard-to-release back tension by unlocking your QL muscles
Ever noticed a lingering ache deep in your low back after prolonged sitting or standing? When your back muscles are weak or you have poor posture, intrinsic rectangular muscles between your ribs and hips called the quadratus lumborums, or QLs, work overtime to stabilize your spine and pelvis, leaving them tight and sore. These deep muscles are also near critical organs like the kidneys and colon, which means that in addition to contributing to an achy back they can adversely affect your digestive health, and therefore energy and well-being, according to some alternative health practitioners
Your QLs get tight and tender when they have to kick in and compensate for poor posture. And often soreness is one-sided, due, say, to carrying a small child on one side or side-sleeping with your top hip hiked up every night
Yoga offers a host of poses to stretch your sides—and your QLs. Standing poses are great also to create ease around your lumbar spine work on releasing any tightness in your hips and thighs. This will free up your pelvis and allow for a deeper stretch in your QLs

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