ARMS DEALER Black Camo Swoop Cut T-Shirts

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ARMS DEALERS for all you BEASTS out there with your gun show!!

The LiveSore Black Camo "Fit Cut Swoop Bottom" T-Shirt

When your Ambassadors ask you to do a special custom design, well.... you do it!  So we present to you the entirely Badass ARMS DEALER in our awesome black w/ pink camo swoop fit t-shirt. We used a very cool distressed military font to accentuate the lettering on the front which are in a big bold white print, while the back has our unique LiveSore Shield logo!

These amazing shirts are custom designed to be very in stylish to show off just enough "camo" while offering a very athletic cut and a very unique "swoop bottom"! This high quality shirt is slim fitting and great for anything from walking around town, relaxing, or getting Sore at your next WOD!

Color: Black Shirt with pink camo pattern and white print 

Material: Ultra high quality super soft dual blend shirt

Sizing: These are a men's cut and designed to be form fitting with an "athletic fit cut" so hug your muscles and show off your gainz (so they can feel "snug"). The bottom is what we call a "swoop" cut and are intended to be a bit longer.