Quarantine Bod Sticker 5-Pack



These are some CRAZY TIMES everyone around the PLANET are going through & our Social Distancing Behaviors will be forever changed!  This sticker SCREAMS what everyone is feeling, if there was ever an appropriate design for the times, THIS IS IT!  

Feel great knowing that these are produced right here in the USA (not China) & your purchase is helping keep businesses open and jobs for our staff ..THANK YOU..PLUS a portion of the proceeds are being donated to the FIRST RESPONDERS CHILDREN'S FOUNDATION COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE FUND!  So every shirt purchased helps give to a great cause while you're also wearing one of the best designs available!  Thank you for your support, service, and sacrifice especially to our ESSENTIAL WORKERS & FRONT-LINE WARRIORS!

These ultra high-quality water resistant (not waterproof) 3x3" stickers are done in a very badass "distressed" "worn" look and are HOT HOT HOT!!

Here's another way to represent the new "norm" we're in with QUARANTINE BOD as well as your favorite brand with our awesome QUARANTINE BOD Logo stickers. This sticker is meant to be put on just about anything and everything and those who know..."know". Get 5 awesome stickers in this pack and slap them around your gym, water bottles, office, house, or anywhere where more awesomeness is needed!

Quantity: 5 badass stickers 3x3" square each