Girls Gone Rx started with the idea of getting women together to benefit a great cause. We wanted to do something that showcased women’s strengths and weaknesses, because those are the two most important parts of battling something like cancer. You have to learn to be strong even when you’re feeling weak, but sometimes you also have to be willing to be weak and allow your team to support you. This team building event helps women learn to fight through obstacles and overcome them while learning to be strong, confident and fearless.

Every U.S. Girls Gone Rx event raises money for our breast cancer charity, Bright Pink. Everyone involved in the events, from judges to volunteers to vendors and athletes, are committed to the cause. This is not just another competition – it’s an energy-fueled event built on a shared belief in supporting something greater than ourselves.


Compete for a Cure! Our all-women competition encourages fun and fitness while raising awareness for Breast Cancer.


Visit to set up your team pages. All incentives from Bright Pink will be handled directly by Bright Pink. We reward too fundraising team at every event and you can get donations all the way up until the award ceremony.


We are the only nationwide all female team competition with a mission of Competing for a Cure. By hosting Girls Gone Rx and/or The Lift Up Series, you not only bring a one-of-a-kind event to your gym, but you reap the benefits of hosting. We promise an amazing event, filled with fun, pink, all for a great cause!  CONTACT US HERE!