LiveSore Adaptive

1. Mission statement:

LiveSore Adaptive is a fitness apparel company that embraces those who dare to try. The athletes who see limits only as more barriers to break. Whether they compete, love being on the field or enjoy pushing themselves in their box, LiveSore Adaptive is the preferred active apparel for adaptive athletes.

2. What is an adaptive athlete?

An athlete who performs standard movements with the required use of modification.

It would be easy to claim that adaptive athletes are just like able bodied athletes and there is not much difference between the two but that’s just not true. While both groups are similar in the fact that they are gifted in athletics, adaptive athletes are different than typical athletes in terms of how they perform. Adjustment is a requirement for every athlete to some extent. However, adaptive athletes excel in this area because it is not just on the field that they adapt. It is not just in the gym. They adapt in all areas of life, not just the ones that most would consider difficult. LiveSore Adaptive embraces the athletes that live for the challenge because when they are up against a task, they will tackle it one way or another. Some were born, some were bred, all are adaptive.

3. Goals

LiveSore Adaptive aims to showcase and celebrate the exceptional skillset of strength and resilience that is found within the adaptive athlete community. Being newly established this privately owned company seeks to be the apparel brand of choice for every adaptive athlete, from those in the little leagues to those who compete in Crossfit. Adaptive athletics is a growing community and LiveSore Adaptive is on the forefront of positive change in the expanding viewpoint of what it means to be an athlete. There are no limits. There are no excuses. Proceeds from adaptive apparel aide athletes who are in competition. LiveSore wants to be the spotlight that shines on those who proudly stand on the stage of what makes them the exception to the rule. There is no stronger empowerment than that of embracing difference. Live bold, live brave, live for the challenge.