Joe Borgisi

Meet Joe Borgisi

Hello, my name is Joe Borgisi. In March of 2012 I weighed 520lbs. Besides being extremely overweight, I had no other health issues. Which I knew wouldn’t last. With a wife, a child with autism, and another baby on the way, I became fearful that I was not going to be around to be the man that my family needed. So I entered to win a one week stay at the Biggest Loser Resort Niagara and won! I spent one week at BLRN in August of 2012 and kickstarted my weight loss journey. After losing 50lbs in about 8 months at a conventional gym, I felt like it wasn’t enough. So I began to train at House of Dunamis Sports Training in Lockport, NY. Since my start at HOD, I have lost a total of over 200lbs. I’ve found a passion in me that I didn’t know existed. I’ve now competed in 2 CrossFit Opens, numerous fitness competitions, I’ve done guest speaking about weight loss and my journey at various venues including The Biggest Loser Resort in Chicago, and have been featured by



Currently I am a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and an NCSF certified personal trainer. I coach strength and conditioning classes at House of Dunamis as well as a brand new onramp course that we launched recently. Soon I’ll be taking my own clients for personal training as well. And of course I’m continuing with my own weight loss and fitness goals. Now, fitness has become my life. Everyday I try to live my life in as healthy and active as possible and I love being able to spread share my transformation with others in hopes that they will find the same possibilities within themselves.