What if you could have the hottest exclusive industry leading shirt designs every month, plus a FREE GIFT for just $15?!

Would you do it? I mean you’d have to be crazy not to, right!? Of course, I mean that’s $10 off retail pricing and it’s for a BRAND NEW FIRST RELEASE design that you get before anyone else in the world.

I know, you’re thinking “what’s the catch”. The simple answer, “not a damn thing”!

Couldn’t be any easier:

You simply sign up. Yup, that’s pretty much it! 

To keep things as easy as possible, we only offer a simple month-to-month subscription membership for $15/month so there’s no crazy commitments and you can pause or cancel at any time. To make it even better, we’ve rebuild the new Shirt Club to have a super easy user control panel that allows YOU to pause if you want to take a month off or simply don’t like that month’s design, cancel, change sizing, change shipping address, and even change gender if you want to change it up for a month.

The bottom line, at $15 for the Famous LiveSore Quality and Designs is just truly a no brainer. We’re basically rewarding you for just being so damn awesome to be part of our fun club!

Our final totally awesome change to the club was because all our amazing 1000’s of members always wanted their exclusive Club Shirts sooner. So, upon sign up, we will literally ship that month’s design to you within 5 business days. Then each month after that, your Club Shirt will ship on the 20th of that month which is also when you’re billing takes place. This way you get your shirts INCREDIBLY QUICKLY now!

Let’s recap, if you sign up today, you get a Brand New never before released first of its kind badass LiveSore Shirt Club design for this month for only $15 that will be shipped within 5 business days. Beyond that, you get a super easy user interface that allows you to choose if you want to pause, cancel, change size, etc .. and there is NO OBLIGATIONS! All this for $10 less than our normal retail pricing for our shirts!

What are you waiting for? I hate to say all the cool kids are doing it, but we have the best Shirt Club in fitness with the catchiest, fun, conversational designs … hands down!
Women's September Tank
Men's September T-Shirt
See how easy it is to manage your Shirt Club membership:
Check out what our members have to say...


My favorite day of the month is when I come home from work and I see the package from LiveSore T-Shirt of the month in my mailbox.

Stephanie Calvery

I love the t-shirt of the month club, they keep me with the newest and freshest designs!


I love this brand because it stands for something. The clothing is comfortable and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!


What kind of garment am I getting?
We will always offer our famously comfortable ultra high quality mens dual blend T-shirt and premium women’s triblend racerback tank tops, unless otherwise noted. Occasionally we may offer surprise changes like a men’s tank, women’s t-shirt, or perhaps a long sleeve or hoodie as a “bonus” as we’ve done in the past!

"When will my order ship"
That's a great question! If it’s your first month signing up with us, we’ll ship that month’s design within 5 business days. If you’re a renewing member, your shirt will ship approximately the 20th of that month’s design (so in other words, October design would ship on October 20th).

When am I billed?
Each reoccurring monthly subscription will be billed on the 20th of each month, which is why we ship on the 20th of that month as well!

What if I already own the shirt you send?
Impossible as each shirt is exclusive for each month!

Not that you'll want to but what if I have to cancel?
If you choose, you can literally pause any month(s) or cancel all within the super user-friendly interface

If I buy more than one subscription, will I get different designs?
Everybody’s getting the same design! EVERYBODY.

Will my shirts contain profanity?
No, we will not send out any membership shirts that contact profanity just to be safe for everyone.

Can I return these?
We do allow for returns, you will want to email help@livesore.net for instructions.

Will these make me more awesome?
You're already pretty damn awesome, our badass gear will simply enhance your awesomeness!

Can I share this offer?
Please do, our goal is to hook up as many awesome individuals as possible. Simply send them here: www.livesore.net/club