Sponsored Athletes

LiveSore is a Brand composed of Athletes from all walks and reaches of life.  When we began LiveSore our immediate goal was to find athletes that we could be proud to have represent our brand while at the same time helping those athletes to more easily achieve their goals and aspirations.  What we love so much about LiveSore is that we have Athletes from such varied backgrounds and experiences, but we all come together in the common goal to represent what we believe in here at LiveSore….after all, it’s not just a Brand, it’s a lifestyle!

It is very important for us to help out the “little guy” (or gal) that is working their hardest to achieve something better for themselves.  Since many Athletes might not get the same recognition as a big name from within their chosen sport we have a belief that we’d rather help sponsor and support those who need it more today than those who already have it.  While we appreciate all levels of athletes, we’ve focused our efforts on the ones who are making a big impact in their gym, at their box, in their community, around their town, and of course to themselves while representing LiveSore to its fullest & being proud to promote the Brand and Lifestyle.

Take a look at some of the Athletes that we’re so very proud to call Team LiveSore.