Peanut Butter Booty Men’s Shirt


OMG Peanut Butter Booty!! Did we really do it, yes we did because after all Peanut Butter Makes The Booty Grow, So Don’t Be Jelly Of My Peanut Butter Booty!! This amazing creation is the brainchild of LiveSore Athlete Meredith Burns and her love for Peanut Butter! We built this design in her image and she loved it on an ultra high quality dual blend tan tshirt (mens & womens cuts) to represent the color of PB. There is simply no way you can’t have fun with this shirt and it is a MUST HAVE, not to mention everyone will want to know where you got it!! Show off your the pride in your Peanut Butter Booty & rock this like a boss!!

color: tan shirt with black print

material: dual blend 60/40 ultra high quality shirt

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