Adult As Fuck Crop

Women's Crop Sizes


Do you dare?  I mean we're all adults, but who really loves "adulting"?  We wanted to have a funny play on this trend and of course you know LiveSore to be "edgy".  So we weren't scared to bring you ADULT AS FUCK just to be bold and funny!  This Adult AF shirt says it all and no matter where you wear it, at the gym, around town, at a child's birthday party, it is right on point!  Get this awesomeness on you and have some fun with it!

Color: White ultra high quality dual blend boxy crop top with black and gray print. 

Material: Ultra high quality super soft dual blend shirt

*Sizing note: These only come in SML, MED, & LRG/XL (combo size) but most women wear these as a baggy crop top, so choose appropriately.