Limited Edition Cassidy Lance MFB Bra

Bra Size
After the massive success of our Elegance & Onyx bra lines, we wanted to stay at the forefront of fashion and bring you yet another functional yet beautiful bra.  We are proud to introduce our newest exclusive custom designed sports bra we call our Triple Threat.
These amazingly comfortable Triple Threat sports bras are ultra high quality construction and feature the eye catching "cross straps" across the front chest of the bra (hence Triple Threat name), a very unique "T-back" double strap & mesh combo backing, and of course they always come with removable padding.
This is a Limited Edition Cassidy Lance MFB Bra.  For those who are part of #teamcass know what MFB stands for and why we wanted to offer this to all her fans! This beautiful black Triple Threat bra has MFB in vibrant blue on the right front chest and a matching blue LiveSore Logo on the back panel.  The moment you put these on you'll understand why our bras always sell out as soon as we launch them.  Hurry and get yours as these are Limited Edition!
color: black with vibrant blue print
Sizing:These fit very much like our 4 strap elegance bras. Size S bust size is 32cm, underbust size is 30cm, Size M bust size is 34cm, underbust size is 32cm, Size L bust size is 36cm, underbust size is 34cm