Fit Tits #FITTITS Sleeveless Muscle Hoodie

Women's Sizes

#FITTITS ...because you've EARNED them!

Ladies, yet again you asked and we listened.  Yup, we've heard you asking for our World Famous #FITTITS design in our super popular sleeveless muscle hoodie, and after taking some polls we decided to help make this a reality!  No matter where in fitness you go, you hear lades talk about "FIT TITS" all the time.  Talking about how they gained muscle, worked on the booty gains, but something had to give and how they lose their "girls".  So, for all you hard working, badass, awesomely beautifully, strong women... this design is dedicated to you and your girls.  This will for sure get you a ton of compliments and comments no matter where you wear it.... SO WEAR IT WITH PRIDE!

And now you have the perfect addition to your wardrobe!! Our newest deep cut sleeveless muscle hoodie for all our fashion forward friends that want to show off their gainz! This super soft lightweight sleeveless hoodie features extremely deep cut sides to really give you that badass look. We know for sure our body builder and gym rat friends are going to absolutely love this! No matter man or woman, you’ll love this sleeveless muscle hoodie and get a ton of compliments on it no matter at the gym or just around town.

Color: Black with vibrant neon pink print
Material: Lightweight – 100% Polyester (Dry-fit)
Sizing Notes: These are men’s cut and run “standard”. Ladies, be sure to size down.