Lifer Legion Ambassador Men's T-Shirt

Men's T-Shirt Sizes


"Lifetime Membership Has It's Privileges!"  Yup, now our LiveSore "LIFERS" can get your very own custom Limited-Edition Exclusive "LIFER LEGION" gear!

We so greatly appreciate our Lifers that we wanted to give you awesome individuals something so unique that stands out and makes a statement.  So this is FOR YOU LIFERS!  The LiveSore Lifers are a unique and special group, not everyone is a lifer, actually its about 55% of you guys, and we know you are next level awesome!  Now you can grab this awesome shirt for yourselves and represent that you're a very special group of LIFERS in style.  The vibrant white & green print really pop on this black ultra high-quality shirt.  Believe us when we say, “you’ll absolutely love it”!  So join the LIVERSORE LIFER LEGION and rock the hottest damn unique Lifer only design ever!

Color: Black t-shirt with vibrant white &neon green print

Material: Ultra-high quality dual blend tshirt