Lift That Sh*t Stringer Tank

Men's Stringer Tank Sizes
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This was our very first "edgy" design and it sold out the weekend we released it.  Since then, our LIFT THAT SHIT line has become a fan favorite of lifters around the world!  All our swole gym beasts have been asking us to do "stringers" to show off all those gainz.  So figured let's go with 1 of our most popular sayings LIFT THAT SHIT across the front and IT AINT GONNA LIFT ITSELF & our logo/name on the back side.  This is a super comfy form fitting dual blend lightweight ultra high quality stringer tank.  Put this badass stringer tank up on yourself and go turn some heads while getting your pump on at the gym or just walking around will get some cool comments on them!

Color: Black stringer with vibrant white print.

Material: Ultra high quality super soft dual blend shirt

Size, these are very form fitting and snug.

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