Men's Galaxy Donut Compression Pants: (Limited Edition)


Men's Galaxy Donut Compression Pants: (Limited Edition)

We soooo DONUT Care!! Hahaha! These Donut Pants became our record breaking social media post with more comments, shares, and likes than anything in our history. You just know everyone is going to have so much FUN with these!  So here are our custom Donut Compression Pants. Seriously, can you have more fun than with these pants with donuts & stars all over them, they will be the talk of the gym!   

These are made in our proprietary custom dye sublimated fabric which means the design will never crack/fade/peal since there is no actual "print" on them. Believe us, once you put these on you'll know exactly why our compression gear is quickly becoming the industry favorite!  Warning, you will get compliments all day long & people asking where they can get them!  Hurry, we can't be sure how long we'll keep these as a limited edition!

Color: Multicolored donut awesomeness
Material: Proprietary blend 4 way stretch, 80% polyester 20% spandex
Sizing: These fit true to size, model is 5'8" 185# wearing a large.

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