MURPH 2019 Speed Shorts - Limited Edition

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2019 PATRIOT EAGLE-MURPH Women's Speed Shorts


LIMITED EDITION!!  We ONLY have a very limited quantity for our 2019 Special PATRIOT EAGLE-MURPH promotion!  A Portion Of Every Sale Will Be Donated Back To The Scholarship Fund & We Hope To Demolish Last Years Amount, Your Purchase Helps In A Huge Way!

Every year 10’s of 1000’s of Fitness Fanatics make it a priority to get in a brutal work out throughout the Weekend Holiday, much less show their respect for the Holiday itself, as well as their pride in the good old USA!  

No matter how you “celebrate” thisHoliday, just about everyone has a “PATRIOT HERO”, and the Holiday is all about the True Hero’s out there who gave their all for us. Each year, many people and tons of gyms honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice by doing a specific “Patriot Workout” and many associate that workout with a workout known as “MURPH”!

This is our badass Tribute to all the Hero’s on Holiday!

We bring you the hottest damn design to ever hit the fitness industry and put it on our signature badass Men's WOD shorts! These shorts are designed to show off your Pride, Patriotism, and Honor those who sacrificed all!

Color: Dye sublimated black shorts with distressed red/white/blue distressed designs
Material: Proprietary blend 4 way stretch, 80% polyester 20% spandex with inner liner
Sizing: These speed shorts run fairly accurate in sizing.  Model wearing small, she's 5'3" 105lb.

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