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I Said QUAD DAMN Girl, Love That Crop Top!

After the massive success of our original QUAD DAMN shirts, all the ladies asked for a crop top in a bright color...and when you Ladies ask for it.. you get it! Every time we see big squats or leg flexing we think “QUAD DAMN” look at those tree trunks! And since we obviously Appreciate Thick Thighs… this is another addition to the awesome addiction of our thickness fetish!  This is an immediate hit no matter if you’re at the gym, around town, or out on a date showing the world your awesomeness. You will most definitely get all kinds of compliments on this shirt! Add this to your collection today!

Color: Pink Boxy Tank with white print

Material: Ultra high quality super soft dual blend crop top

*Sizing note, these only come in SML, MED, & LRG/XL (combo size) but most women wear these as a baggy crop top, so choose appropriately.

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