Purple Vintage Lightweight Unisex Pullover Hoodie

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An immediate fan favorite.  Imagine your most comfortable lightweight image that in an awesome long sleeve pullover hoodie!  That's exactly what we built here with our Triblend "t-shirt material" lightweight pullover hoodie. 

This amazing unisex design was featured in our Shirt Club last year and has been constantly requested since then.  Now this beautiful dark vintage purple triblend pullover hoodie can be yours!  We put our "Vintage" LIVESORE logo on the front with our awesome "SHIELD" logo on the back, both in a beautiful yellow print that compliments the vintage purple perfectly!Our famous Trademarked saying “HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE” line has always been a fan favorite.

The perfect shirt for so many occasions!  No matter if you’re at the gym or around town, people will want this shirt!

Color: Vintage Purple triblend with vibrant yellow print

Material: Ultra-high quality unisex lightweight triblend pullover hoodie

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