Rush Club Danger Panties

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You know what's better than "Girthy Banana Danger Panties?" Rush Club Girthy Banana Danger Panties
Be sure that you rock out with your Rooster!
Nothing says your part of the RUSH CLUB nation quite like these silkies in a workout.
Wear them proud!!
What are "Danger Panties"?  Well, we're the originators of THIGH DAY FRIDAY and early on many of our military friends would join the fun wearing the "silkies" and "ranger panties".  So from early on, we had plans to create our own version of these fun short shorts and call them Danger Panties and brought them out under our Girthy Bananas line.  Our custom Danger Panties are super soft, light weight, and airy made to be very short and come win an inner liner to make sure everything stays in place.  They feature a stretchy elastic waist band to help accommodate a range of sizes.  Man or woman, you will have so much fun in these, so make sure you get yours today and have some damn fun with your fitness!
color: black with the Rush Club logo printed on the left leg and the small Girthy Banans logo on the right.
material: super comfortable light weight mesh fabric with a sheer inner liner to help keep everything in place.
sizing notes:  our Danger Panties are a men's cut short that are also loved by women.  Since these are naturally "short" shorts, women should simply size down accordingly.