Neon Green LiveSore Stringer Backpacks

Over 50,000 of these are out there around the world!! Everyone always needs a quick simple lightweight backpack to carry the essentials which is why we wanted to make sure we "got your back"?! 
Here is our Custom Drawstring 14x18" LiveSore Drawstring Backpack. You'll be the envy of everyone you walk past as they see the LiveSore name and logo prominently displayed big and bold on this vibrant neon green bag!  These are a huge hit and you simply can't go wrong with these lightweight backpacks. 
They offer:
Reinforced corners and heavyweight drawstrings.
Larger size (14" x 18") allows you to carry more of your personal belongings.
Great for use at gyms, schools, and events, or whatever your needs may be.

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