"The Whip" Speed Ropes (Limited Edition)


FINALLY! We bring you our very own custom speed ropes that we call The Whip! We teamed up with Momentum Gear offer the Fastest Speed Ropes On The Planet! These badass ropes are black laser engraved hardened aircraft aluminum LIVESORE handles with your choice of either neon green coated cables or bare cable depending on your preference. These ropes are simply amazing and priced “right” compared to many ropes out there of similar style that are $15-30 more costly. The added benefits, the bearings never need oiling and you can adjust the length of the cable without tools! Believe us, once you try these you'll see your jump rope game improve by leaps and bounds!! These are limited edition, so hurry and get yours ordered!

Green Rope: Coated cables are great for seasoned and beginner athletes alike. it has good feel and accuracy perfect for every workout.

Bare Wire Rope: Bare cable is the go to rope for athletes wanting extra speed and reps from every workout.

Material: Hardened aircraft aluminum handles that are designed to take years of abuse

Sizes available: 1 size fits all, these are self adjusting to ensure perfect fit and NO TOOLS NEEDED to adjust cable length! 

Sizing notes: No tools needed to adjust cable length No parts to lose like other brands Self Lubricating Bearings never need oiling. Perfect size and weight designed by athletes for athletes (1/2 ” diamter 4 1/2″ long handle, 10'10″ cable)