LiveSore Shorts Club

LiveSore present our awesome Shorts of the Month Club Program. We created this out of a huge demand from our Ambassadors & LiveSore Nation to have a new fresh pair of shorts each month before anyone else could get their hands on them!

No confusing bells or whistles, just awesome gear delivered to you each month at a rock bottom price!

How could we refuse our Ambassadors? We couldn’t!! Beyond that, many wanted a matching shirt to go along with it, so we’ve given you 2 options:


Since it’s March & people love March Madness & basketball, we decided to launch our exclusive LiveSore HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE Basketball Shorts and yes they come in a Women’s version as well.  If you get the Combo, you get the cool matching HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE T-Shirts as well!!

There’s nothing confusing or tricky about this, you either want

Just Shorts or the Shorts & Shirt Combo.


Choose Your Monthly Option Below!

Shorts Only: $35 Per Month


Shorts Only: $50 Per Month Non-U.S.


Shirt + Shorts: $50 Per Month U.S.

Shirt Size Gender

Shirt + Shorts: $70 Per Month Non-U.S.

Shirt Size Gender

How The Club Works:

Basic really, but follow along. Each calendar month we’ll put out of Brand New pair of shorts for the month and any new subscribers or renewing subscribers will get that months design. Simple!

But please remember, these are custom hand made each month to order. So that means if it’s the January order, we take all subscribers from Jan 1-31st then go into production on those which takes approximately 3 weeks to produce (since we need to know each size of each Club Member & order accordingly) then we ship them directly to your. So the January Shorts will ultimately arrive around the end of February. We realize this isn’t “speedy”, however due to the custom production and unique sizing for Club Members per month, this is the most effective way to do this!

We will vary the types of shorts throughout the year, meaning women can expect to sometimes receive booty shorts, speed shorts, marble shorts and perhaps even capris. Men should expect Wod shorts, Girthy Bananas, Middies, and the like.

As for the matching Tshirts, we’re keeping that “simple” as well, and each month you will receive a matching men or women’s dual blend high quality super soft Tshirt.

You can also change sizing at any time should you need to simply by emailing Of course once the calendar month ends we’ll have submitted the size you had listed but can change for future months.

If you choose, you can also cancel at any time by also emailing

Finally, this Club is completely separate from the LiveSore Tshirt of the Month Club and has nothing to do with each other. If you chose the Shorts & Shirt Combo in this club it will be a totally different shirt design from our TSOTMC.

Men who might want size 40 or even 42, please email to let us know and we can help with that as well!