Wholesale Program

Welcome to the LiveSore Wholesale Program. We are thrilled to launch our new WS Program to help bring the top selling Brand in fitness, to gym owners and retailers at 40% OFF retail. We’ve created an amazingly easy win-win solution so that retailers can carry LiveSore at their facilities while capturing the lions share of the profits and in turn helping spread LiveSore Nation while capitalizing on our phenomenal growth!

How the Program Works:

To qualify for our WholeSale Program you must own or work at a gym and/or have a retail storefront/space.

How the Program Works:
We’ve made our WS Program very easy, to qualify you must own or work at a gym and/or have a retail storefront/space.

Upon approval, we will send you a custom coupon code to you personally that will give you 40% OFF on our online store whenever you spend $500 or more. This lets you to offer the hottest selling apparel in the fitness at your gym/store while allowing you make the profits for doing so.

We wanted to create the ultimate in “win-win” relationships with gyms and retails locations that lets you capture the profit and in return increases our Brands reach. So we’ve created an incredibly easy way to outfit your facility and creating a new revenue stream with your current custom/member base.

This is an entirely hassle free program with which you get to order online and simply use your code to save the 40%. However, we’ll also have our WS Manager reach out to you to see if there is anything you need customized or special ordered so we can do our best to help with any events and happenings as well.

Simply complete the questionnaire below. We’ll review and get back to you with your custom wholesale coupon code.

Should you need custom/cobranded gear & apparel, please visit the CUSTOM GEAR page so we can also assist with that at a wholesale level.

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By submitting my information, I understand that I'm applying to be a wholesale reseller of the LiveSore Brand and agree to represent the Brand to the best of my abilities. I also understand that in order for me to qualify to be a wholesaler I must spend $500 or more to qualify for the wholesale coupon code. Also, I Agree to receive LiveSore news & updates as well as agree to the Terms & Conditions in the Privacy Policy*